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Poll : Hoysala Tour or London Tour

In India holidays seasons would mean when the schools are shut off for close to two months. We used to go on a tour annually. Sometimes North India tour, at times got into group tours with co-travellers in one of the south India tour packages. There is much information available about luxury tours of India if you begin your research. Luxury travel India is bliss.

Tours of southern India would mean Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Goa, and not to miss Karnataka.
I was planning to cover details about a trip to Hoysala Empire in Karnataka.

And then I have received London day trip tours details and interesting glimpses. Its a guest post on trip to London. Trips to London is equally exciting like any other trips.

Now, I am confused which to put up first.
So, a quick poll

What do you want to see first? Please comment.

Hoysala Empire, Karnataka


Trip to London, England

To help you decide, I am including glimpses of both the tours. Enjoy the below clubbed images. From both the tour.

Hoysala Empire, Karnataka, India Tour:

South India Tour Hoysala dynasty

India Tour Hoysala Karnataka

Indian Holidays Hoysala Empire


Trip to London England:

Trips to London

London day trip tours
trip to london England

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