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Christmas in London 2013 - Part 3

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Christmas and Christmas tree goes together hand in hand. Every corner has a Christmas tree with variety of sizes and themes. The decorative on the Christmas tree gives the theme of the decorations. The lights add to the beauty.

If you are on a tour to London during Christmas, then one must thing to do is to watch all the Christmas trees placed around the city.

Railway stations, public place, Christmas markets, ice rinks, prime landmarks of the city, hotels and restaurants, round the corner of the road, everywhere there is a Christmas tree that is decorated.

Here are 5 tall Christmas trees captured while on a holiday to London. Of course there are many more in the city.

Buckingham Palace Christmas Tree (2013):

The famous tourist attraction is the royal palace, Buckingham Palace in London. The palace grounds hold a spectacular Christmas tree with lighting.

Buckingham Palace London
Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace Christmas Tree 2013
Christmas Tree at Buckingham Palace, London

The Queen's Gallery Christmas Tree:

The Queen’s Gallery is just outside the premises of Buckingham Palace. This is a gallery that has lot of items on sale that are associated with being royal. The entrance space holds a beautiful tall Christmas tree with crown hanging decorations.

The Queen's Gallery Crown Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree at The Queen's Gallery, London

The Queen's Gallery Christmas Tree Crown 2013

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree:

Winter Wonderland is the special event held during Christmas time. This is set up at Hyde Park in London. The festive lights are the major attraction along with rides and other entertainments. The site of Winter Wonderland is incomplete without a tall Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree at Winter Wonderland
Christmas Tree at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London

Thus, Winter Wonderland holds a conical shaped tall Christmas tree with colored baubles all across.

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree:

The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square in London is not to be missed. This is a tree that holds history which dates back to Second World War.

The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is decorated in the typical traditional style of Norway, since it is a gift from Norway to people of London.

Christmas Tree at Traflagar Square
Christmas Tree at Trafalgar Square, London
Trafalgar Square London night time

King's cross Station Christmas Tree:

The indoors of King's cross Station gives a spectacular view. And in between the spectacular view stands a tall Christmas tree decorated fully with gold colored baubles.

king's cross station christmas tree
Christmas Tree at King's Cross Station, London
And finally not to miss the Christmas tree at our apartment.

Marlin Apartments Christmas Tree

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post on the special occasion of Christmas. Read more posts about Christmas in London Part 1 and Part 2.

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