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Dried Figs & Almonds Smoothie Recipe

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Most mums complain about their child not drinking their regular glass of milk. It is a great challenge for kids too when it comes to gulping down the milk glass.

Getting bored of anything usual is the normal tendency in kids. Kids look for change in what they have been following so far. So, changing the flavour that you add in the milk as frequently as possible might work to some extent. 

smoothie recipe for kids

Give this milk flavour a try. You never know, your child might stick to this taste for long.

Dried fig and almonds tastes best combined together as a flavour.

You will need

  • 1-2 dried figs
  • 3-4 almonds
  • One glass of milk
  • Sugar (optional)

Figs and Almonds Smoothie

Heat half glass of milk and bring to boil.

In a clean bowl place the figs and almonds. And pour the just boiled milk to the bowl.

Dried Figs & Almonds Smoothie Recipe

Close a lid and allow the figs and almonds to soak in hot milk for at least one hour.

After sufficient soaking, transfer the contents into a blender and blend. Add more milk if needed and also sugar if more sweetness is needed.

Blend everything into a smooth pap like texture. Add milk and adjust the consistency as per your choice.

healthy smoothie recipe

Serve warm or cold.

Both Figs and Almonds are very healthy and extremely needed in the diet of growing children.

smoothie recipe for kids

Smoothies can fill you up very quickly and also satisfy your sweet cravings. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

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