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Banana Fritters – A Quick Evening Snack Recipe

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Evening tea/coffee time is something exciting for us, especially if it is raining. It is common to expect crispy hot pakoras, finger chips, fritters, chips, samosa; similar kind of snacks.

Here is a quick snack which you can prepare just in 15 minutes.

banana fritters evening snacks

Banana fritters is just a perfect snack for evenings along with hot coffee/tea. This is also a very good recipe to get rid of the over-ripened banana.

ripe bananas

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Ingredients needed

·         2-3 ripe bananas.
·         Half cup wheat flour
·         2 spoon chiroti rava
·         Half cup jiggery.
·         A generous pinch of salt.

How to prepare banana fritters

Firstly, pour oil in a kadai and heat over low flame. The oil will be ready for deep frying while you have finished preparing the banana dough for fritters.

In a mixing pan, peel and smash up the bananas with gentle hand pressure. Do not bother if few pieces of banana remain un-smashed.

banana fritters tea time snacks

Add jaggery pieces and required amount of salt and mix well.

Also add wheat flour and rava and mix everything together to form a loosely held dough.

banana fritters quick recipe

The consistency should be thin than chapathi/roti dough, yet thicker than the dosa/idli batter.
Now pick up the dough little by little and drop as tiny balls into the oil.

Deep fry under low flame until the balls turn slightly golden red brown.

quick tea time snacks recipe

Remove from oil and transfer on to a tissue. When still hot, sprinkle some sugar (or powdered sugar) on the fritters.

evening snacks ideas fritters

Serve the hot fritters along with hot coffee/tea.

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