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Jackfruit Fritters Recipe

Who would not sniff around in this season to search for the juicy yellow fruit, jackfruit? Especially for people from south Karnataka (home town of jackfruits) where you do not find a single home without jack fruit trees in their backyard. I too belong to such a native where I could eat them for free till my fullest and hide some pods to gulp them later on :). Although the jackfruit pods are delicious to eat alone, there some locally prepared cuisine from both ripe and raw fruit like jackfruit sambhar, jackfruit stir fry, jackfruit pie and halwa, jackfruit dumplings (gidde) and jackfruit fritters (appa).
The one here is the jackfruit fritters, famous as jackfruit appa among the locals. These crispy sweetened balls are so yummy and go empty before you start counting.

Jackfruit Fritters Recipe


15 to 20 jackfruit flesh/pods
One cup semolina
Half cup grated coconut
Cooking oil


Roast the semolina at low flame till the odour vanishes may be for about 8 to 10 minutes. Keep stirring to avoid burning of semolina. Allow to attain normal temperature.

Deseed the jackfruit flesh and chop them to pieces. Blend the chopped fruit into fine paste in a blender without adding water.  Collect the paste in a container.

In a blender, blend the roasted semolina and the coconut grates. Do not grind them finely, let the mixture be rough. Here again do not add water while grinding, in case you require water add the jackfruit paste as a liquid medium.

Pour the blended mixture to the vessel containing jackfruit paste. Add jaggery and mix them well. The amount of jaggery depends on how sweet the fruit is. In normal terms 2 or 3 spoons of Jaggery is sufficient.

Jackfruit Fritters Recipe

Note that the batter prepared should be thick with rough particles resembling the idli batter. Watery batter makes the cooked fritters/appa oily and hard. You can add more of semolina at the end if the batter is watery.

Heat cooking oil in a deep pan.  Once hot drop a small portion of batter to test whether the temperature is rightly attained.  If yes, then slowly dump the round shaped batter (lemon size) to the hot oil.

Jackfruit Fritters Recipe

Deep fry these fritters at a lower flame to avoid burning/blackening. Keep them stirring till they get fried evenly and turn golden brown uniformly. Drain and transfer them to an absorbent tissue paper to remove excess oil.

Serve them hot or cold, the taste never differs.

Jackfruit Fritters Recipe

The same can be prepared with rice or wheat flour, instead of semolina/rava. Soak dosa rice for 2 hours and grind them roughly in a mixture jar and rest of procedure seems to be similar. Rice batter comes to be tastier than the semolina or wheat flour ones.

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