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Hygiene Food Containers for Children

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It’s the aim of every parent to give the best their children. Right from nappy pads to food we provide from the best available source.  In case of food we maintain the fresh grown and freshly prepared at home. But there is a slight negligence in case of storing the food and water.  Here are some hygiene food storages which is important for a growing child.

Hygiene Food Containers for Children

Beginning to the plastic containers which are one of the easiest and reachable products, let us discuss in short why plastic containers are harmful in every angle.

Why no to Plastic Food Containers

All the plastic containers including reusable plastics are known to leach chemicals into our food. Some of the heat resistant plastics when heated and cooled again heated and cooled breaks down all the chemicals passing them to the food stored. These causes’ heavy health issues like encouraging cancerous cells. Plastic food containers should be totally avoided in kids and pregnant ladies even in storing the leftovers or freezing.  Right from plastic food stuff container to zip lock bags and even those saying BPA free (Bisphenol A) has to be avoided.

Hygiene Food storages

Sterilizable Feeding bottles:

Always make use of Sterilizable bottles for feeding your child. These are most hygienic and made of non plastic fibres which resist the boiling point of water.  Make a practise of sterilizing after each feeding so that all the germs are killed away.

Hygiene Food Containers for Children

Mee Mee baby brand one of the best sterilizable bottles with replaceable nipples.

Heat Resistant Baby Spoons:

These are soft ended spoons which does not harm the walls of the baby mouth. The spoons are heat resistive showing whether the baby food is eatable. These spoons are safe and an good replacement for the plastic or the steel spoons.

Mee Mee Baby Spoons

Tupper ware:

Even though Tupper ware came to India after a long time of its invention, today it has completely ruled the Indian Kitchen and being one of the favourite food storages among women. Apart from the look and beauty of the Tupperware products, the storages are considered to be hygiene allowing the food to be fresh for long.  

They have range of products right from dry storages to freezers and microwaves. When it comes to kids products, lunch boxes and water bottles are the perfect food storages for children. All the products are available online and are economical.

Tupperware water bottle is perfect for a school going child. It is available in blue and pink colours with a attractive Disney Mickey cartoon.

Hygiene Food Containers for Children

And lunch boxes available in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Hygiene Food Containers for Children

Glass wares:

Hygiene Food Containers for Children

In case of storing your kid’s food, use good quality glass wares or stainless steel instead of the plastic containers. But yes the glass wares should be crack free and taken care from breakages.

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