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How to Prepare Homemade Turmeric Essential oil

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Indian kitchen never experiences the absent of the noble spice “turmeric”. Not just as a coloring agent  in your food, this is a magical herb hording the nature’s benefits used in ayurvedic science and many research studies have proved its efficiency for health and beauty.

The essential oil extracted from the herb is powerful with turmeric compounds and a medicine for the common ailments.The purest turmeric essential oil without any preservatives can be prepared at home with simple steps. All that is required is carrier oil and the turmeric roots. It is your choice to make the oil concentrated or mild, depending on which the number of turmeric roots are collected.

How to Prepare Homemade Turmeric Essential oil

How to prepare Turmeric Essential oil?


Turmeric roots
Coconut oil
Coarse stone


Clean a coarse stone, also the turmeric stick. Now add few drops of water to the stone and rub the stick over the stone.
This forms the turmeric paste. Collect a spoon full of thick turmeric paste.

Heat a pan in low flame and pour coconut oil to the pan. Add the collected turmeric paste to the oil and stir well so that the turmeric extracts does not settle at the bottom. you can choose any carrier oil, usually turmeric and coconut oil is an wonder combination so I choose coconut oil.

Allow the oil to heat at low flame till you find bubbles. Switch off the flame, immerse one or two turmeric sticks into hot oil and close the lid.

Let the oil attain room temperature. The turmeric sticks are dropped into oil so that the sticks spread all the turmeric content making the oil rich in turmeric benefits.

Note that the sticks dropped into the oil should be free from moisture else the entire prepared oil gets fungal attack.

Pour the oil to an air tight bottle and preserve it from moist and air. The stick can also be immersed into the bottle or can be discarded.

How to Prepare Homemade Turmeric Essential oil

Natural Homemade Turmeric essential oil is ready.

How to Prepare Homemade Turmeric Essential oil

You can add more of the turmeric extracts and less carrier oil to make the oil more strong.

Benefits of Natural homemade turmeric oil:

Skin Care:  Turmeric and coconut oil, both being antifungal reduces pimples.  Regular massage before shower or at bed time is known to reduce facial hairs, delays ageing making skin smooth and flawless. You can add a drop of oil to your hot water shower and even to the face packs.
Regular body massage before shower reduces body hair; a battle back acne, and pampers skin providing a fair complexion.

Baby oil:  This is one of the best baby massage oil for new born. We usually go for the branded baby oils that claim to be pure which are really not. This turmeric oil massage for babies prevents skin rashes and any kind of allergies usually found in infants.

Postpartum care: Turmeric oil behaves as medicinal oil for mother’s undergoing the postpartum care or the confinement period of 48days or 3 months just after child birth. Immediately after child birth, both mother and the new born baby have a tender body which are rejuvenated massage oils. Turmeric oil is the best oil for nursing mother’s which helps skin to go back to normal state preventing skin infections. It is also known that the oil is very efficient for vaginal infections found in all ages of females.

Insect Bites: The oil is a best remedy for insect or the mosquito bites causing heavy swelling in small children. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of turmeric and the cooling effects of coconut oil reduce itchiness and swelling calming down the skin burns.

Anti inflammatory: A compound of turmeric roots alpha-curcumene (a Sesquiterpene hydrocarbon) is the main component which acts as an anti-inflammatory and also relieves pain. It also known to be very helpful in joint care and arthritis.

Respiratory disorders: Turmeric is known for reducing the mucous secretion thereby reducing respiratory infections, common cold and asthma. Add few drops of turmeric essential oil to the vaporizer and inhale the vapours; it is very effective in killing the entire germs causing diseases.

Digestive problems: Indian food always includes turmeric which is not just for colour and flavour. Turmeric is known to assist the digestive system, helps removal of toxins, ulcers, bowel irritations, lowers cholesterol levels and diabetes and reduces gastric troubles.  Turmeric essential oil can be taken diluted and taken along with water. For the dosage depending on your body type and condition an prescription of doctor is always safe.

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