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Indian Noodles

Noodles are big hot news today. Whether true or false we have to accept that it’s time to send our favorite noodles to the waste bin. There is nothing to attack on the noodles and put a ban on it, it is a known fact that all the packed foods are unhealthy and has serious health effects.  Bachelors, spinsters, married, kids in fact the entire Indian population must be depressing for losing our favorite instant staple, “noodles”.

As we all know noodles are the made from unleavened dough stretched or rolled into different shapes and sizes. Basically they are cooked with boiling water and the cooking time depends on the thickness of noodles. They can be cooked along with vegetables or eaten alone with salt and sauce.


Coming to the nutrition point of noodles, they are simply junk foods. These are fillers which is a dump to your stomach and very tasty for your taste buds. But yes who cares so much for health? After all everyone has to fall sick one day, true rightJ. These funny rolls have fit the today’s busy lifestyle making life easy and happier. Either eaten alone or as soup noodles they are along with you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The base material of instant noodles may be wheat, rice , maida , corn and any non vegetarian food.

Leaving back the modern instant noodles, there is Indian originated noodles which most of us are unaware. Indian noodles made from rice are originated from centuries ago before the modern one was born. Kheer is also one form of noodles. In south of Karnataka they are called has “semige”.

I have already shared an article on the recipe of rice noodles/vermicelli (semige) and the rava noodles/vermicelli.  

homemade rice noodles Indian noodles

Home made Rice vermicelli

Steaming the rice balls/rava balls and pressing them with a press up instrument which brings the form of noodles. These are the real healthy, tasty and hygiene noodles. They can be eaten alone or with curd and pickle or seasoned along with the taste of lemon.
And as we know no festival and occassion is complete without the sweetest kheer pie.

Vermicelli Kheer Pie

Ancient Indian foods are stolen and processed with chemicals and flavouring agents .These are the real noodles which never gets a ban.  Semige/vermicelli into noodles and pastas, dosa and uttappa into pizzas and many more similar food transformations can be identified. 

My say is, make a practice to love Indian food which is safe and pure for your good and happiness. Adopt the goodness of western culture but do not forget the native.  

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