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Beautiful Peacock Dance

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Peacocks have enjoyed a mythical place in India. Peacocks called as Mayura in Sankrit is the Vahan (vehicle) or Lord Karthika (also known as Lord Murugan in some parts of South India). 

They have a close connection to humans as per the Hindu tradition ever since antique era. Lord Krishna use to tuck away a beautiful peacock feather to his hair bun during childhood and then in his crown as a grown up.

dancing peacock

It is believed that peacock dances by puffing out his chest and shaking his tail as a call for mating. This is how they try to impress their potential partners. The mating season overlaps during monsoon season (around May to September) in India. Hence, it is also said that peacocks dance while it is about to rain.

peacock attracting peahen

I had the privilege to watch the beautiful dance and the colours of the bird’s plumage at a nearby field, bliss to watch first thing early in the morning.

This scene occur each monsoon in forests or in large open field spaces.

Watch this beautiful bird fanning out its spectacular tail feather.

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