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How to Dress as Adivasi - Tribal Fancy Dress Ideas

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It is exciting to see tiny tots getting dressed in interesting costumes.

Fancy dress competitions usually follows a theme and the organizers set up few rules to be followed.

If you happen to come across the theme of being tribal, then here is your chance to get dressed up as tribal people. The ideas for dressing up as Adivasi People are many.

How to tribal fancy Dress

Generally you have to decide how you want to be as a tribal man; choose from being a colourful
tribe, glitter tribe, feather tribe, leafy tribe or green grass tribe.

Quick tips to dress up as an Adivasi man or Tribal man of Indian jungles.

Face & Body Painting

Painting is a must to bring the look of the jungle. Colorful patterns or black-white patterns - How you paint your face and body is left to your creativity. Choose between full paint or simple little lines to execute your ideas of painting.

tribal face painting fancy dress

Almost any style of painting goes well as it helps to put together the entire costume.

Head gear

A headdress is usually done with long feathers. Go for red colored Indian feather head gears. Or else make your own at home.

tribal feather headdress fancy dress

Buy a black elastic head band and fix up lots of black-white feather around the band. It is easy to put up on the head.

Tribal accessories and jewelries

Tribal jewelleries have a kind of vintage jungle look in them. Jewelleries made of coins, teeth, bones, stones, wood and beads look perfect to give a picture that you have been living in the midst of wild animals in the natural habitat.

tribal jewelleries kids fancy dress

Tribal looking weapons are a great add-on for the adivasi fancy dress look.

Grass or leaves dress

Cover up the basic clothing with loads of grass and green leaves. This shows the natural way of covering the body parts in tribal traditions.

tribe people fancy dress


Teach or learn how to carry a wild attitude in the behavior. Tribal people have an ultimate raw and rugged nature in them.

Learn some tribal movements and songs to complete the look in a interesting way.

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