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4 Best Citrus Fruits For Pregnant Women

Fruits are great energy supplies mainly for healthy pregnancy. In particular, citrus fruits that are rich houses of vitamin C are very beneficial for both mother and the developing foetus. Vitamin C is known to keep away any kind of allergies in the foetus,  supports immune system, tissue repairing and wound healing  also helps in absorption of iron.
Also citrus fruits help to detoxify body and a perfect solution for nausea which is commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Here is a list of common citrus fruit that are very beneficial during pregnant.


Citrus Fruits While Pregnant

Fresh juicy oranges which are refreshment during summers are rich source of vitamin C. They help improving immune system for foetus and pregnant also helps in the absorption of minerals like iron, zinc and calcium and prevents allergies and infections.

Oranges have high content of hydration and fibre and contain lower sugar than other fruits. The folic acid in oranges is essential for brain development in foetus.


Citrus Fruits While Pregnant

Consuming Lemon juice is the best supplement for vitamin C. A glass of lemon juice daily keeps away nausea and heart burns throughout the day. It also hydrates the pregnant body, detoxifies by flushing out the toxins in the waste and its antibacterial properties prevents you from cold and flu.

Consuming lemon juice improves the bowel movements preventing constipation which is commonly found during pregnancy. The potassium level in the citric fruit is required for the bone development of the baby in the womb. Edema (swollen feet) which is unhealthy and seen in pregnant is known to get reduced by the consumption of lemon juice.


Citrus Fruits While Pregnant

The sweet and sour gooseberries are a wonder citric fruit. The greenish berries are loaded with Vitamin c, antioxidants, iron, and calcium and phosphorous. Amla helps to boost energy reducing tiredness, calms down mood and eliminates nausea. These are rich dietary fibre improving bowel movements helping to relieve constipation.

Sweet Lime:

The juicy fruit is an excellent coolant and hydrant helping to lower acidity. It promotes digestion , improves bowel movements and relieves constipation. The level of potassium in sweet lime cures urinary disorders.

In general, all the citrus fruits have some common feature like promoting digestion and hydration.

Make a practice of including one or two citrus fruits alternatively in your daily diet.

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