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6 Instant Glowing Natural Ingredients

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It is a usual practice to cleanse our face, apply some of our favorite creams while setting ready to attend some special occasions. But did you ever feel that your skin is up to the mark after using creams and cleansers? Either you look painted or skin gets greasy or gets dried and appears worse than it is.

Some of your kitchen cabinet members can really helps you in providing instant glow before you start out. Face packs and facials take a longer time and not a time saver when you are at a hurry. You require something as easy as a child’s play. Here are 6 such ingredients whose application serves you glowing flawless skin in just minutes.


Honey Skin Benefits

Instead of washing your face with a chemical cleanser or a scrub whenever you’re stepping out, wipe your face with a spoonful of sweetest syrup on this earth. The sticky property of honey removes all dirt and grime making your skin white and glow instantly It also balances skin with essential oils. Splash water in 5 to 10 minutes and pat to dry. It is rich in antimicrobial and antioxidants which kills germs and prevents skin from damages.


Oatmeal scrub

Oats is an excellent exfoliate for your skin. Add a spoonful of oats into water/rosewater and rub around your face. Rinse away with warm water and you are set ready with a bright clear skin. The major advantage of oats over other scrubbing agents is the oats particles are mild and gets softened with water. So they do not cause any harm while scrubbing.

Ice cube:

Ice cube beauty benefits

These are one more instant glowing ingredient and always present in your freezer. Wrap a thin cloth to an ice cube and rub all through your face and neck. It improves blood circulation and shrinks your skin pores. Roll them over heavy sized zits; it reduces inflammation and redness making pimples to appear dull and smaller. 

Lemon sugar :

Form a spoonful of lemon sugar syrup and apply to your face. This is perfect bleach before you attend any special occasions.  The citrus fruit is the best antibacterial, removes tanned skin giving an whitened skin in minutes.


yogurt for skin

Take some fresh yogurt in a bowl and apply to your face. After 2 minutes when the yogurt gets dried, dip an cotton ball into yogurt just make it soft and rub it all your face and neck. It removes all dirt and dust acting as a best moisturizer and cleanser. Splash water and rinse away. You may not like the yogurt smell on your face, so follow it before sometime you step out so the odor fades away.

Aloe Gel:

ALoe Gel as a Facial Cleanser

You have come home with a tanned tiring skin and now you have to get ready to a fancy occasion. What do you do? Cover up with heavy make up? Not a good option. “Plant of immortality” can help you. Slice up an aloe gel and rub all over your face for about 10 minutes. Aloe gel heals up tanned skin, soothes and moisturizers.  Its antioxidant properties heal up the upper layer of your skin and repairing them instantly.

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