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6 Easy Sweet Corn Recipes

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Sweet corn or the sugar corn known for its sweetness and milky juice commonly eaten as a vegetable. Sweet corn is a variety of Indian maize, which is an street snack of India usually heated on charcoal along with spices. Being American native sweet corns both cob and loose kernels are now available in India and varieties of dishes are cooked from it. Corn recipes do not require any expertise, easily and quickly with an different flavor they are done.

sweet corn recipes

Vegetable sweet corn soup:

Vegetable Sweet corn soup

The sweetened soup cooked along with vegetable stock along with baby corn kernels is a healthy soupy breakfast. Garnish them with roasted toasts while serving.

Sweet corn chaat Recipe:

Sweet corn chaat

This is one of the mouth watering snack especially during winters and rainy. So easy and quick preparation is and within no time you will find the empty cups.


2 cups sweet corn kernels
One lemon
Chaat masala/garam masala/chilli powder


Wash the corn kernels and boil them for 10 minutes with water. You can even pressure cook them for 5 minutes.

In a deep pan, melt two spoons of butter, half spoon chaat masala, and salt as per taste. Add the cooked sweet corn kernels and stir them well. Fry them all together till they get blended well. Squeeze lemon juice and switch off flame.

Sweet corn chaat is ready in minutes.

Spicy sweet corn cob Recipe:

This is the tastiest corn cob, so soft and delicious you will not stop licking your fingers.

Spicy sweet corn cob

Rule out the husk and silky hairs surrounding the corn cob. Cut them into two so that it makes easier for cooking.

In a deep vessel add water, sweet corn cobs, salt, pepper powder and boil them for 5 to 7 minutes. 

With help of spoons or knife remove the boiled cobs and allow cooling down.
Slice a lemon and rub them over the boiled corn cob. You can even add a pinch of chilly powder over lemon slice.

Spicy sweet corn cob is ready for your evening pass time.

Sweet Corn Rice Recipe:

healthy rice recipes

To any of the rice recipes you prepare , simply roast the sweet corn kernels with ghee and garnish at the last stage of cooking. The entire recipe is a twist with a different flavor and taste.

Cheese Corn Sandwich Recipe:

cheese corn sandwich recipe

Why serve bread only with sauce and jam? give your child a different taste with fried corn and veggies in the midst of roasted bread serving a special sandwich.

American Sweet corn and green gram salad:

Green Gram American Corn Salad+corn salad recipe

An healthy recipe filled with nutritious green gram, fleshy sweet corn seeds and the fruity pomegranate seeds. Serve this wholesome food as a breakfast or at evenings. You can add garnished carrots, grapes, cucumber chops and fresh yogurt as per your choice.

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