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Time pass with American Corn seeds.

Time pass snacks are always welcome in every house. Be it instant or any amount of effort required; such snacks are always tongue twisting in taste. 

Here is something I usually do with American corn. It is tasty, healthy and interesting too. :)
I have 2 simple recipes. One instant and the other needs a little planning.

Recipe 1:

American Corn blended with Chat masala+corn recipes

  • To a pan, add half spoon of ghee.
  • Once the ghee melts and gets heated up, add corn seeds and allow I for 3-4 minutes. It gets a little bloated up.
  • Add chat masala, pepper powder and salt. Mix well. Heat for a minute.
american corn salad recipes+corn salad recipes

Done. This is the instant one. Serve hot, eat hot, enjoy. :).

Recipe 2:

Green Gram American Corn Salad+corn salad recipe
  • 2 fists full of green gram are to be soaked in the water previous night. Next morning, the green gram would have absorbed water and would be bloated in size.
  • Drain the water from the green gram.
  • In a bowl, add pomegranate seeds, green gram, lemon juice, ginger pieces, pepper, salt, hing water. Mix well and keep aside.
  • Now, to a pan add ghee and heat the corn seeds for about 3-4 minuutes.
  • Add the hot corn to all the other items mixed in the bowl.
Green Gram American Corn Salad recipe+corn salad recipe+easy indian recipes

Done. You can add anything extra you feel would make the taste interesting.
Another interesting idea could be making the sprouted green gram instead of just soaking it over night and using.

What do you feel about these healthy preparation?
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