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How to make Sandalwood Paste and its usage

Karnataka is named as gandhadhagudi because it is a dwelling place for sandalwood forests.  Also the film city of Karnataka state is called as “Sandalwood” because of the same reason :).
Sandalwood or Chandan is home of beauty secrets. Our ancestors owned pieces of sandalwood which they used for skin and health. Nowadays it is nowhere available. Cutting sandalwood from its tree is considered as an offense. 

 sandalwood piece+sandalwood oil

Almost all beauty brands seek license to use sandalwood as the major ingredient in their product.
Sandalwood oil, Sandalwood creams, face mask, soaps, powder, perfumes and many more.

My inlaws own a sandalwood piece from my great great grandfathers. My parents too own quite a huge piece of sandalwood. These pieces will definitely span for another 5 or 6 generations after my own.

How  to make Sandalwood Paste:

The sandalwood stick is of medium size. I roll the stick by adding water or milk over a flat stone till thick paste of sandalwood is obtained. Later store this in a small silver plate for half an hour before applying. This is because the silver atoms adds on beauty for skin.

 making sandalwood paste+sandalwood powder 

 rubbing sandalwood+sandal wood 

 sandalwood paste+sandalwood oil 

sandal paste+red sandalwood

Beauty and Health uses of Sandalwood Paste:
  • I apply sandalwood paste to face and neck and leave until it dries. Wash with warm water after it dries. This method tones up skin giving a supple glowing complexion.
  • Sandalwood paste is also a natural baby product. I apply for my son on his rashes and small wounds. This cools down he redness and the irritation.
  • In case of headache I apply the paste on my temples which brings down ringing aches.
  • I also mix sandalwood with turmeric and rosewater for application on on pimples and acne. 

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