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Navarathna Pendent

Like all ladies I too have a craze for gold and diamonds collections :) This is one of my unique pendent with nine different gems corals and pearls.

Navarathna-Pendent+ diamond designs + Gulf designs

Navarathna means nine gems. Nine gems of different bright colours tied up together with gold strands to form a beautiful ornament like Navarathna bangle, navarathna finger ring, navarathna ear stud , navarathna pendents and many more.  

navarathna-pendent-close-view+ gold designs

I have heard people saying navarathna actually indicates to nine planets (rashi). If you go to any astrologer he will ask you to wear a finger ring of your Rashi which will be one in among navarathna. 

The nine gems in this pendent are neatly arranged with golden rings and strings forming a v–shape. A bright red coloured coral stays highlighted at the centre, Also two pearls at the either side of coral and a small diamond stone at the bottom.

Navarathna-Pendent-side-view+ pearls and corals

This pendent has holes at the ends which can be fixed to either short chains or may be long heavy chains. I usually wear it with small chains ,the pendent rests exactly at the neck when fixed to short chains.

I loved this piece which looked like a blooming bud and bought this for Rs.3000 about 4 years back in Swarna Jewellers.   

navarathna-pendent-back-view + antique designs

Since it is colourful , it matches all sarees and chudidars.

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