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How to clean silver jewelry with Soap Nut

With the collection of jewelries comes the work of maintaining and cleaning it too. Soap nuts are the best cleansing agent for all metal jewelries. 

Here is a procedure on ho to clean you silver jewelries. I am cleaning my silver anklets in this post.

How to clean old  jewelry +clean jewelry at home

How to clean silver jewelry with Soap Nut :
  • Take about 2 glass of water in a steel vessel and heat. Heat until the water boils and put off the flame.
  • Add 4-5 soaps nuts into this sizzling hot water and allow it until the water cools down naturally.
How to clean jewelry Soap nuts soaked in water+cleaning jewelry
  • Once the water cools, squeeze the soap nuts to loosen its pulp in to the water.
  • Now add your silver jewelry into this vessel and leave it soaked for atleast 5 hours.
  • After soaking considerably, rub the nuts and the jewelry together and then remove the jewelry out of the vessel.
How to clean jewelry+how to clean silver jewelry
  • Rinse the jewelry under running water and pat dry.
  • You will see that the jewelry looks almost as new as the newly polished jewelry.

Some facts about soap nut:

  • Soap nuts should not be used to wash jewelries embedded with corals, pearls and gem stones. Soap nut destroys the luster and even structure of the precious beads.
  • Only plain metal jewelries (gold or silver) can be washed with soap nuts.
How to clean jewelry Soap nuts+clean silver jewelry
  • Ladies of our grandmother’s generation used soap nut to washing clothes and vessels. It was even a hair cleanser then.  Those were the days ladies oiled their hair 24 x 7 throughout.
  • But in today’s generation the hair care routine has changed and thus soap nut cannot be used directly as a hair cleanser. The soap nut is not a suitable hair cleanser for our current life style. It will strip off all the natural oils of the hair and turn the hair strands into hay like. I have experienced this.

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