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Jewels,  Beauty products, baby care, cooking, fashion .......and so many infinite topics for ladies to flatter and discuss. I thought I have so many cooking recipes and fashion related posts to share with, but why not the pretty mehandi hand works?

Mehandi-peacock-design + Mehndi + mehandi

How dull and boring you might look when you
are dressed with a rosy pink lehanga or a saree with diamonds and gold glittering all over but with plain hands without any mehandi art?

I just cannot imagine myself at this condition. I and my sister together are simply crazy for mehandi right from school days. Mine was a Catholic school where mehandi was not allowed. But I was so eager to design my hands with mehandi,  I lied  to my teachers and Head mistresses by creating stories of marriages in my family :)

Now I really do not get enough time to my hands because my baby will mess it up when I wear :)

These are the photos taken during my baby shower few months ago. My sister designed these to my hands. 

Simple circular design with tomb like designs at the outer circular and lines at the inner circle. And a small sunflower like shaped at the inner most region with curved rays covering it. The fingers alternatively have reverse v-shaped and tree branches design.

Mehandi-circular-designs + mehendi designs

This one is designed  at the upper palm.  Peacock shaped Shell like art with huge humps at the outer part.

Mehandi-design  + mehandi designs for hands

This is exact Peacock art, Peacock with the feathers on it.

Mehandi-design-of-peacock +mehndi patterns

My request to all ladies , please Share the website or any links relating Mehandi designs you always follow.

Till then stay Happy!

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