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Medicinal Value of Tulsi or Holy Basil

Why do people in BHARATH plant Tulsi herb (Holy Basil) right in front of their door steps? Why not plant rose or jasmine or any other?

I have the answer for you :)
Tulsi is a very great air purifier. It filters air , killing germs and other pollutants. Pure air gives a healthy mind and body, so it has become a custom or a tradition in our country to plant tulsi herb near our front gates.


Apart from air purifier there are many other skin and health benefits from tulsi. 

Fever and Cold and Throat infections:
Tulsi is a main component in Ayurveda, almost in all syrups and Lehas.

Dry Tulsi Leaves in sun and make a powder of it. Store it like the way you store Tea powders. Prepare a decoction of it and add it to sugared milk. This brings down the temperature.
Also simply boiling Tulsi leaves in water and drinking this extract every 3 hours cools down fever.  Gargling with this is a very good medicine for throat infections. This is very effective in case of children.


Respiratory Infections:
Decoction of Tulsi leaves along boiled along with ginger and added honey is a very good medicine for mucus settled in respiratory track and also for asthama.

Ulcers and Blisters:
The juice of Tulsi leaves works well on ulcers and blisters in mouth.


Skin Infections:
The leaves rubbed on the area of insect bites or any allergies heals down immediately.

Pimples and acne:
Tulsi juice along with honey and sandalwood paste applied once daily wipes away pimples giving a clear fair complexion.

Small-Tulasi-plant +Tulsi Creams

This was all the tips I got from my Grandmother. These were the medicines they used in their days.  
Apart from our elders experience, it is better to consult your physician before you intake these Holy Basils Holy water :)

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