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Bread Fruit Chips

Bread fruit has a great list of recipes. Today is a recipe of crispy chips from bread fruit. It is easy to prepare. Just that making thin slices takes some time and patience.

Bread Fruit Chips Recipe+dehydrated fruit

  • Bread fruit slices.
  • 1 spoon salt and 1 spoon chili powder mixed together.
  • Oil for deep frying.

Bread Fruit Chips Ingredients+fruit chips

Bread Fruit Chips recipe:

  • Remove the outer cover of the bread fruit. Make quarters of the whole bread fruit and remove the middle portion of it.
  • Then chop the bread fruit into thin slices.

Bread Fruit Slices+chips baked
  •  In a pan, pour around 4 cups of oil and heat.
  • When the oil is hot enough add a fist full of bread fruit slices and fry until it feels hard and cripsy.

Bread Fruit Chips Deep Fry+bread fruit

  • Remove the fried chips out of the oil and add a pinch of salt and chili powder mixture. This adds an interesting taste to the plain chips.

Bread Fruit Chips+crisp chips

Done. :).

This is again a time pass item along with evening coffee/tea.

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