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Home Made Tips for Beautiful Hands and Feet

We usually spend more time for our facial skin like Toning up, Face masks, Herbal packs, fruit facials Threading and many more. But our feet and hands skin and nails require more attention as we work more using them.  Nothing but few simple easy home remedies will help out healthy soft feet and hands.

Happy Feet

Few tips for soft hands and Feet

For glowing Skin:

Mix Rose Water, Lemon juice and milk cream together and massage your hands and feet daily for about 10 minutes. This gives a glowing feet and fingers.

Massaging hands and feet with the pulp of Papaya gives a shine to your skin.
The face packs used during facial can also be applied to hands and foot. This cleans up dust and makes skin fair. 

For dry and scalyness:

2 spoons of Honey mixed with 1 spoon Coconut oil and Rosewater. Rub this mixture for scaly dry feet and hands.

For Soft Nails: 

Add 1 spoon of Baking soda to warm water and stir well. Now a spoon of coconut oil or butter to this water and rest your feet and hands in it for 10minutes. This makes Nails and skin baby soft.

For dryness during Winter:

Ashes produced in hands and feet during winter can be worked out by Massaging with almond oil and a pinch of salt added to it. 

For Toning up Skin:

Add milk cream to the water obtained after washing rice. Soak your feet and hands for half an hour in this water. This acts as a toner to skin and relaxes feet. 

For Cracked Heels:

Milk mixed with turmeric and few drops of castor oil is a very good medicine for cracked heels.

For Dead Skin:

Rubbing the Black Dead skin at the edges of elbows with whole lemon smoothes skin removing dead skin.
You really do not have to spend for pedicures and manicures if these tips are followed atleast twice a week.

Till then stay Happy!

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