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Horse Gram Palya, a dry side dish for rice

Continuing with the post of Horse Gram Rasam/Soup, this is a post on Horse Gram Palya.

Palya is a dry side dish that is a good combination with any of the rasams along with hot rice. Palya is the cooking style of Karnataka. Palya is made from any of your favorite vegetables.

Horse Gram Palya dry side dish for rice+indian recipes

The main attraction of palya is seasoning of coconut oil and garnishing of grated coconut pieces.

Today’s recipe is Boiled Horse Gram Palya.


  • 2 cups pressure boiled horse gram
  • 4 spoons of grated coconut.
  • Jaggery  (one lemon sized)
  • Salt for taste.
  • For seasoning: urad dal, sesame seeds, one red chili, coconut oil, Coriander leaves.
Palya Recipe:

To a hot pan, add one spoon coconut oil, sesame seeds, urad dal, coriander leaves.
When the sesame seeds begin to perform their own rhythmic dance, add the boiled horse gram.
To this add jaggery piece and half cup water. Else, jaggery will get burnt.
Add salt to suit to your taste.

Seasoning for Horse Gram Palya+indian recipes vegetarian

Once the jaggery dissolves and water evaporates, turn off the flame.
Add grated coconut pieces and mix well.

Coconut garnishing for Horse Gram Palya+palya recipe

Horse Gram Palya Recipe+indian food recipes

Serve hot.
This can also be an evening time pass snack.

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