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Muddu Krishna - babies dressed as Lord Krishna

I suddenly became so busy. That is because of Krishna Janmashtami celebrations tonight. I was stuck with the preparation of worshiping Lord Krishna that will be held tonight.

For me ashtami always meant eating chakkuli and unde. :D. Little did I know that it would take so much of effort to prepare all these. More about worship, chakkuli, unde and other stuffs in upcoming posts.

Happy Krishnashtami

For now, I attended a Muddu Krishna Competition held at a nearby temple here for babies under 2 years. It was such a beautiful sight of all babies dressed in Baby Lord Krishna’s attire. There were so many variety of Krishnas.

Kolalu Krishna, (Kolalu = Flute)
Kadagol Krishna (Kadagol = the traditional churner. See here)
Benne Krishna, (Benne = Butter)
Doggal Krishna. (Doggal = crawling in 4 legs)
Kalinga Krishna (Kalinga = a 5 headed snake slained by Lord Krishna)

Have a glipmse of all the Krishnas. :) Pictures worth enjoying. :)

Krishna killing Pootani
Pootani Mardana - Baby Krishna on Demon Pootani.

Looks like the baby is scared of the Poothani doll. :P. I liked the idea and creativity of the parents. FYI, Poothani is a Rakshashi who came to kill Krishna by breast feeding poison milk to him. But Lord Krishna slain ed her.

Digging in with tiny fists for butter. Do you have the idea of how butter tastes!

Why Maaa? Why have you left me on stage here?

When will my turn come?
 I found this baby so cute. She was restless and was about to remove off all the accessories. Mother was so pissed saving everything from tearing down. Fun at sight. :D.

I am waiting for my number too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this baby loaded with make up. Don't you think all that blush was not required on the tender skin.

Krishna digging hands into the butter pot 
What? Shall I eat? Is it sour? :P
I am definitely liking it. Yummmmmmmmmmmm :)
Mom gave me too. I am licking every bit of it. !!!!!!!!!

OOyee.... is that butter or ice cream???
I think that was ice cream. So busy in his/her own business. :)

Don't stare. No. I am not sharing anything with you.

Finally its my turn. And I prefer to churn rather than licking.
I loved the decoration on the huge churning pot. Very neatly done.

Kalinga Mardana - Krishna killing the 5 headed huge Kalinga Snake.

This baby gave the best performance. She hit the tail of the snake with the flute, and then stamped on the tail with huge steps indicating the killing of the serpent.

Oh. Something got stuck to my flute.

Ya. Eating butter with flute is a better idea. :P

I am so fair in skin color. But, Krishna was dark............ I think.

Kadagol Krishna - Baby Krishna with a small churner in hand

There is some more butter is the churner.. Let me finish it before the buzzle goes on

What should I do? Catch the pot? What is in it?

Mosaru/Curd Krishna. I dropped everything.

We are from the next category, Bala Krishna.

All baby Krishna are called as Muddu Krishna.
And the toddler Krishna are called Bala Krishna.

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did in real.

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