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How to wear a saree

When you hear the word ‘saree’; the first thing that comes to mind is the model neatly draped in a silk saree or designer saree. But you cannot have a beautician all the time with you for draping a saree for you.

An Indian lady should know how to drape saree around her. Just rotating the 5 odd meter of saree fabric is not how you wear. On a general note, it is easy to wear a thin synthetic saree than stiff cotton or a silk saree.
I just thought of making this post on how to wear a stiff cotton saree.

How to wear a saree+sari

 I have clicked my image on the mirror. So, you will be seeing a mirror image of my explanation. Please imagine and relate my word to the mirror image. I have tried my best to make things clear.

Step 1: Wear the saree skirt tight enough to hold the saree. Begin from the right side of your waist. Tuck in the inner most top end of the saree inside the saree skirt. Bring one full round around the waist until you reach where you began tucking. (see image below)

How to wear saree Step1 a+wearing saree

How to wear saree Step1 b+how to wear a saree video

Step 2: Major portion on the saree is now lying on the floor near your feet. Right? Follow the top side end of the saree and arrive at the pallu end of the saree. Fold the pallu end into exactly 5 pleats in zig zag manner.

Step 3: Organize the zig-zag for some length to form the hanging pallu. Do not let the setting loose away. If you need you can pin it and secure too. 

How to wear saree Step3+how to wear sarees

Step 4: Now bring the pallu one round around you and bring it up near the left shoulder in a diagonal manner. Pin the pallu to the blouse.

How to wear saree Step4+how to wear a sari

Step 5: Open up the border end of the saree near your right under arm. Bring the end stiffly from right to left diagonally again from back side. (Start from right under arm, take it throughout your back, and downwards, and get the border end front from the left side waist. )

How to wear saree Step5 a+ways to wear a saree

Pin it in the top end border near centre of the wasit in a slant line.

How to wear saree Step5 b+saree draping

How to wear saree Step5 c+wear a saree

Step 6: You are left with some more portion of the saree near the middle of the waist in front. Pleat it up all in a zig-zag manner and tuck it in to the saree -skirt.

How to wear saree Step6 a+saree

How to wear saree Step6 b+indian sarees

This finishes the whole process of wearing a saree in the most common way.

If you want to rearrange the pallu that has been pinned to the blouse near the shoulder initially, then do accordingly until you arrive at a neat look.

How to wear saree rearrange the pallu+how to wear a saree

I hope I have made some sense in explaining. Hope this helps all ho are learning the art of draping the saree.
For details about the saree top side, bottom side, borders, pallu, inner side and other details please refer the article here 

How to wear a saree+sari
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