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Patanjali Sheetal Oil Review & How To Use It For Hair Care

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Once a brand makes a very good impression amongst the consumers, it is natural that we tend to try every new thing that brand brings out.

Speaking about Patanjali Sheetal Oil, another Patanjali product for stress relief and massage. 

Patanjali Sheetal Oil

Price: Rs.55 for 100 ml

This oil is a multipurpose oil useful in massage for stress relief, body ache, joint pain, aroma massage, and also for hair problems.

stress relief oil patanjali sheetal

Personally I use this only as hair oil. It is best used when mixed with any other hair oil for hair care.
Patanjali Sheetal Oil comes in a see through plastic bottle with a maroon screw and flip cap. It is not leak free bottle (expected from this brand).

Patanjali sheetal oil india

The oil is reddish maroon in color and is light in texture. It is not completely non-sticky in nature, but it is not too heavy either.

The aroma of this oil is very soothing and indeed stress relieving. It provides a cooling effect on application. If you observe the ingredients list, it contains kapoor (camphor), pudina (mint), nilgiri (eucalyptus) which all adds to the fragrance and cooling effect of the oil.

Patanjali sheetal oil price india

How to use: For use for hair, mix one part of Patanjali Sheetal oil with two part of Patanjali Coconut Oil and one part of PatanjaliAlmond Oil. Mix well and apply to the scalp by partitioning small portions of hair.  

I have been using Patanjali Sheetal Oil for hair care for the past 2 months and have observed the 

  • Shampooing and washing is not difficult.
  • The fragrance left in my hair is amazing.
  • The smell lingers in the hair for two more days after the day I oil and shampoo. It might be present even beyond those ‘2 more days’. But I repeat the oiling and shampooing routine on the third day.
  • Scalp does not feel dry and flaky anymore.
  • The very minute you water your head wherever the oil is applied, it feels cooler.
  • Hair feels smoother than earlier. This could be due to mixing up of other hair oils too.
  • If your hair or scalp sweats, the fragrance of Patanjali Sheetal Oil overpowers the sweaty smell.

Rating: 5/5 (in spite of the leaking bottle, the oil scores full rating)

sheetal oil baba ramdev products

Patanjali sheetal oil swatch

Recommendation: Patanjali has won again and again with its every new product. A product that is budget friendly, cools and relaxes the senses from stress, helps scalp to free of dandruff, has aroma which makes it suitable for aromatherapy massage; what more reasons are needed to buy a bottle of 
Patanjali Sheetal Oil again and again.

Definitely give it a try and we are sure you will be all praise with this oil.

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