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Aati Hunnime, celebrated by Madhwa Brahmin ladies

Aati Hunnime is a very auspicious day for Shivalli Madhwa Brahmin ladies. 

door frame decorated+festivals of india

Aati is the month seen in the traditional calendar of Tulu region of Mangalore, Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. This month usually falls in the late of July to mid of August. This month is considered a tough time for people here due to the heavy rains in these areas. The heavy rains make everything a difficult task; so the month just got converted into a forbidden month for all happy celebrations and occasions.

Hunnime is the local term for full moon day.

So, the full moon day that falls in the month of Aati is Aati Hunnime.

Today is Aati Hunnime. :). The day calls for a small celebration. The ladies decorate the entrance of the door and worship. The bottom part of the door that is attached to the floor (called as Hostilu in Kannda.) is decorated with the below items:

  • Rangoli (white powder or white chalk)
  • Kumkum, haldi and sandal wood paste.
  • Sprouted Horse gram flowers.
  • White flowers
  • Boiled Jack fruit seeds.
  • Betel leaves and areca nut seeds.

aati hunnime decorating items+southern india

Performing the decorating rituals:
A little water is used to clean the entrance. Then the chalk or powder is used to draw the decorating lines. Kumkum, haldi and sandalwood paste in applied at the center. At the either sides of the hostile, boiled jack fruit seeds, white or any other garden flowers, horse gram flowers, betel leaves and areca nut seeds are arranged and decorated. By placing a glass (usually silver tumbler) of water, the worshipping is performed. 

aati hunnime door frame decoration+indian hindu festivals

This water is later on poured to the Tulsi plant that is planted in front/back yard of the house. Tulsi plant is also decorated with all the items that are used for decorating the door frame.

aati hunnime tulsi decoration+indian festival

Sprouted Horse Gram Flowers:

It is the job of the lady to make her own horse gram flowers for Aati Hunnime. Overnight soaked horse gram is dropped on to a mud pot or in the midst of the mud of the back yard. The place where the horse gram is dropped in the mud is covered with an inverted bucket. This setting is allowed undisturbed until the morning of Aati Hunnime day.

sproute dhorse gram flowers for aati hunnime+indian festival calender

The horse gram is sowed in the mud on the Mudra Dharana Ekadashi day. These flowers will be ready by Hunnime day (about 2-3 days).

This was all about the Aati Hunnime celebration. All the worshiping rituals are performed early morning after bath and before eating or drinking anything.

I performed this ritual today morning for the well being and happiness of my family.
Do share your festivals too. :). It is interesting to know about all the cultures and rituals.

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