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Lakme Kajal Review & Swatches

When you say Lakme, the idea that flashes through the mind are Lakme beauty parlour, Lakme fashion week, Lakme salon, Lakme make up, above all Lakme lipsticks. My mom used only Lakme products for beautifying herself. After all, it is Lakme India. :-). Does it not feel proud?.

Right now it is Lakme Kajal we are discussing about. With all the new launches of Lakme Black Satin Kajal and Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, this particular original Lakme Kajal has taken back seat. 

Lakme Kajal  Review+lakme makeup+makeup products

My mum knew only this in her time.  But, to be frank, I started with too. :-). This is one of its kinds.

Package: A fat pencil which is pointed with the kajal tip at one end and at the other end is enclosed with a gold colored metal cap like thing. It Is not detachable. Only the kajal tip can be closed and opened with a transparent plastic cap. The details of manufacturing, Lakme and quantity are printed in gold color over the black body of the pencil. Very nice combination I say.

Lakme Kajal Brand and Quatity+lakme india

Nature: The kajal is very smooth and glides very easily without giving any extra bleeding of the kajal around the eyes. It in its darkest possible form of black. Makes the eyes stand out very beautifully.

Smudging: Like all kajal, it does smudges and fades after long hours of application. It fades too while smudges. So no worries at all. It does not make the eyes look messy.

Lakme Kajal  Pencil+lakme product

Staying power: It stays well on me for over 4 hours. But as I mentioned earlier, I rarely use ready made kajals. I always turn to my homemade kajal. (I am yet to share about the making of the kajal at home. It is one post which will need some preparation from my side.) But, I keep this pencil as a back up and use occasionally.

Lakme Kajal  Hand Swatch+lakme kajal Top - multiple swipes, Bottom - Single swipe

This original product of Lakme seems to have lost recognition. It is one great product they gave out to us Indians; that too at such tiny amount of Rupees. I am so happy with this kajal.
Price: Rs.50 for 2 g
Rating: 4.9/5 (Could not give it a complete 5; because it needs sharpening. And I don’t like sharpening kajal pencils, for they lead to lot of wastage. )
Pros of Lakme Kajal:

  • One of the darkest kajals.
  • Easily available at very affordable price.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Smudges very minimum.
  • One of the oldest and most trusted kajals over generations.

 Cons of Lakme Kajal:

  • Needs sharpening when the pencil loses its pointy tip.
 Recommendation: Yes. A very creamy and dark black kajal at a very affordable price of just Rs.50. This kajal had no competitor then. It ruled the beauty market of India.

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