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TAPTA MUDRADHARANA: An holy ritual in Udupi Shri Krishna Temple

Udupi, located 400kms from the city of Bangalore. The richness of this district is measured by Presence of Lord Shri Krishna temple. The city is more calm and peace with the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna. 

Krishna Temple + ISCON
                                               Udupi Shri Krishna Temple

I and my husband, we are basically from Udupi, residing now in Bangalore so as to suit our professional life. 

Today according to Madhwa Calender is Prathama ekadasi, Where all Vaishnavas ( VISHNU DEVOTEES) celebrate a ritual called “TAPTA MUDRADHARANA” and fast the entire day. 


TAPTA means “touched with fire”
MUDRA means “Symbol”
DHARANA means “Wearing” 

Chakra and Shanka + Holy festivals India


Lord Vishnu has Chakra and Shanka as his weapons in his hands.  So this ritual means, we the devotees of Vishnu will have Chakra and Shanka symbols in our right and left hands.  
This MUDRADHARANA is mainly called as “Vaishnava Dheekshe” or telling “I am a vaishnava”. 

Saint of Krishna matt holding Shanka ckakra + udupi krishna

Who will give us TAPTA MUDRADHARANA?

The saints of Udupi Shri Krishna temple have the right to give MUDRA for all Vishnu devotees irrespective of whether he or she is a Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya or shoodra.
Early morning on this day they perform “Sudharshana Homa”  and they give MUDRA from this fire. 

How do Saints give TAPTA MUDRADHARANA?

The saints lightly heat the metal of Chakra and Shanka symbols with the fire of “Sudharshana homa” (Havan in Hindi) and touch it to our arms.  

For Ladies it is applied to two hands.  Whereas for men actually it should be applied to 2 hands, 2 chests and one on their stomach.

But these days even for men it is applied to just two hands. 

Shanka Chakra touching fire from sudharshana homa

Vedic History behind TAPTA MUDRADHARANA

Once Lord Indra was defeated by a Daithya (Evil) named Vrutrasura. He came to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu ordered Indra and his army to have symbol of Chakra and Shanka in their hands and fight against daithyaas. 

Just with MUDRADHARANA Indra won against all Vrutrasura daithyaas. 

So to this day every Vishnu devotee following his directions started having MUDRADHARANA so as to defeat our enemies .  Enemies may be mental or Physical.

Devotees in queue for MUDRADHARANA + Vedas
                       Devotees form a queue for MUDRADHARANA in Krishna Temple, Udupi


For first time anyone would be scared looking into the fire. That too metal rods heated and touched to your hands. I had this when I was in class 10th for the first time. 

It did not hurt me as much as I thought. The saints really do not heat them to red hot. They simple touch them in fire and rub in wet cloths before keeping to your hands :).  I used to have it till I completed my Engineering studies until I shifted to Bangalore. 

                            Chakra symbol                                     Shanka Symbol
                                      Today's mark in my mother's upper arm

It looks like a lovely Tattoo on yours arms haha :).

Previous year scar
                              Chakra Symbol                                  Shanka Symbol
                                          Previous year Scar in my upper arms

Here in Bangalore you can have this in Vidyapeeta. You can find kilometres of queues of devotees. Today it started at around 6.30am. Since my son is too young I could not attend carrying him today. 

Nothing compulsory to perform this ritual. But what I feel is , Lord has showered us all with hordes of laughters and joy.  Perform one ritual of his, he will shower you infinite happy times. 

Photography is not allowed inside Udupi Krishna Temple and Bangalore Vidyapeeta . I got the photographs from a Professional photographer of Udupi. 

Source of photos.
Photos from the Courtesy of Gurudutt. 

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