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Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap Review

These days bath soaps are also a major fancy item to include in the bath and skin routine. Soulflower provides great collection of bath soaps for pampering our skin. 

Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap Lather+bars of soap

Lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, Aqua Saponified Oils of Coconut, Castor, Olive,Palm and Palm Kernel

A plain plastic wrapping package with a colorful piece of paper that mentions few details about the soap. There is no outer cardboard carton pack like other usual soaps are packed.

Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap Review+lavender soap

The soap is very creamy, but it is hard too. It lathers with the slightest amount of water. The lather feels like butter on the skin. It is rinsed away with just one splash of water. No soapy texture on the skin. It does not even dry the skin. Leaves the skin squeaky clean and fresh.

Most of the soaps begin to dissolve and become softened when touched with water. But this soap is not so. It does not lose its structure and does not even become soft. This way, the entire soap is used for bath only without any wastage. Just wet your hands and give a swiping touch to the soap. The soapy layer that comes in your wet hands are more than enough for bathing. Just 2 swiping is enough for bath. Swiping with the tiny finger is sufficient for face wash. This soap will definitely last for at least 3 months. I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I hardly find any decreasing in its quantity.

Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap Creamy Soap+making soap

Since it stays intact in its structure, the sides of the soap feel stiff and pointy on the skin while bathing. So, lathering in the palm is a must before using it for bath. The soap cannot be used as it is to rub it against the skin. It feels a little uncomfortable.

I expect a bath soap to be in circular and smooth edged form.
There is a mild herbal scent in this soap. I don’t find anything floral. But the scent is not troubling. It is pleasant.

Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap+organic soap+homemade soaps

Price: Rs.200

Rating: 5/5

Pros of Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap:
  • Hard soap that does not dissolve in water easily.
  • Though hard, it is creamy and buttery on the skin.
  • Lathers very well with a very tiny quantity of the soap.
  • Easily use able with wet hands.
  • Leaves skin clean and fresh.
  • Easily washed with water.

Cons of Soulflower Lavender Organic Soap:
  • Pointed edges in the soap which does not becomes blunt easily

Recommendation: Yes. A very pleasing bath soap which feels very creamy on the skin. The cons are negligible.

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