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How to make a sari

Sari is Indian traditional wear.

A saree has no exact dimension. There is no hard and fast rule about the length and width of a saree. It is usually approximate calculations. The width is usually between, 1.2 to 1.5 meter. And length is 5.5 to 6 meter. A 5.5 meter length is more than sufficient for a comfortable draping of a sari.

indian fashion+make a sari

Now, DIY are always exciting. When the project is done, it can be flaunted with great pride. I believe in a lot of Do It Yourself projects, be it anything.

Today’s project is ‘Make your own bordered sari at home’. I did one for myself.

how to make a sari+saris

It can be a short designing plan of your idea of a saree or a 5 year project too. :-P Depending upon the complexity of the design you finalize for your dream idea of sari.

Go shopping for the basic things you need.
-Choose your fabric and color.
-Choose your designing items.

Here, this is just a simple one. And just very easy. All you need is some calculation, alignment and sewing.
I saw this huge roll of pink colored fabric with golden prints and instantly got interested in the gold prints it held. Bought around 5.5 meter of this cloth.

indian wear+how to make your own fashion

Then I went hunting for a suitable border for the yet to be made saree. And finalized on a wide border with golden shining circles and pink stone. The whole thing is got ready-made. I did not do any additional designs on the border.

indian sarees+saree

The fancy designing items are easily available. Just that you have to know such stores at your city well. I have found a whole sale dealer in my city. No. I don’t buy a lot, I only buy when I need few things for personal designing of my own suits or sarees or saree blouses.

The only work that is to be done is to sieve the designed border along border of the sari. That is all.

sari fabric+what is a saree

If you work intelligently, you can save a bit on the designing border. When you wear a sari, the inner most first round of the sari will not be visible at all. So for the initial one meter (or a little more or less) at the bottom side of the sari, the designed borer need not be attached at all. And like wise if you consider the top side, more than half the length of the sari will be tucked inside the sari skirt. So, on the top side only half the length of the sari needs border attaching.

I hope I have made a clear idea. :-)

make our own saree pictorial design
In short,
  • Select a fabric that is at least 1.2 meter wide and 5.5 meter long to make a sari.
  • Begin attaching the border from the pallu side, which is the open end of the sari.
  • First attach the border along the width at the open end (that forms the pallu side) of the sari.
  • Now, beginning from the open end side, on the top, attach the border length wise. Stop at half the length of the sari. Rest of the side goes invisible since it gets tucked inside the sari skirt.
  • Now, the bottom side. Begin from the pallu. Attach along the bottom line of the sari and stop when you are left with about 1 meter.

Sari making is completed. :-)

Optionally, you can add hangings at the pallu end, or even sieve some decorative items on the sari for the pallu. Feel free and design to your hearts contents.

make your own design sari+how to make a sari

Buy any matching blouse piece and again get your design done. If you are not comfortable with anything else, u another meter of the same sari fabric for blouse. And another half a meter of the designed border for attaching at ate end of the blouse arms.

wearing sarees+wedding sarees+how to wrap sari

This way you will save loads of bucks for all that it termed designer sarees. You are just paying for the fabric and the fancy decorative items. All the stitching cost, labour cost, dealers cost, meddle men commission, shipping cost, all that is vanished from the DIY sari.

So, happy sari making.

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