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Uses of Vinca Rosea (Sadhapushpa in Kannada)

We never look into the medicinal value hidden in our garden. A small shrub Vinca Rosea or sadhapushpa in kannada most commonly grown is everybody’s garden in south Karnataka, has a horde of medicine.


It grows for not more than 1m and has glossy opposite paired leaves with tender small flowers. It comes in 3 different variety of colour white, red and pinkish.
I have just two white and pink in my in-laws home.


Most important thing of this shrub is, all home made medicines should be prepared from Vinca Rosea leaves and flowers. The roots and shoots extracts contains toxic contents  and has heat producing agents. Medicines from roots should be prepared only after consultation with physician.

Medicinal contents:

The leaves contains vincalyoko Blacitin, vincristin. The alkaloids present in these leaves are used for curing blood cancer. 

Simple home medicine from Vinca Rosea for Blood Pressure:

Clean the leaves and dry them in sun. Make a powder of these leaves and store them in dry place. Now boil one spoon of powder with boiled water. Let the water level decrease till half. Intake of this  mixture once daily decreases blood pressure.


Vinca Rosea for  wounds:
Smash Vinca Rosea leaves and turmeric together. Apply to wounded area 3 to 4 times a day. Wound recovers sooner.
The same mixture can also be applied to mosquito and insect bites.

Vinca Rosea for Burns:

Soak rice overnight and grind them together with leaves. Apply this paste to burns and water boils produced by burns. This heals the burns very quickly.

Vinca Rosea for constipation:

Mix one banana and 4 spoons of Vinca Rosea leaf water together. This mixture taken after dinner daily cures constipation.


Vinca Rosea for heavy bleeding during Periods:
Simply boil 3 to 4 leaves with water and drinking this twice a day decreases heavy bleeding during periods.

Vinca Rosea or diabetes:

Every morning chewing 4 to 5 Vinca Rosea leaves for empty stomach decreases diabetes.
Also boiling white Vinca Rosea flower in water and drinking at early mornings for empty stomach reduces diabetes.

This was all I knew about this small flower plant. Consult an ayurvedic doctor and follow this for best results.
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