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Jack Fruit Idli, taste of Mangalore.

Mangalore region is influenced by the language called TULU. The local term for jack fruit idli in Tulu  is Kujje Gidde. Kujje means Jack Fruit; Gidde means idli. Jack Fruit is also known as Pela Kai or Gujje.

Jack fruit idli+indian food recipes

So, today’s recipe is of Jack Fruit Gidde (Idli). It is the most famous and common sweet dish prepared in every home when it is the season of jack fruit. The main attraction in this fruit dish is that the idli is cooked in the teak wood leaf. The color and aroma the mould gets is worth enjoying.

Teak leaf for cooking jackfruit idli+jack fruit recipes

Now, enjoy the recipe. :). Here are 2 more jack fruit recipes. Jack Fruit Jam and Jack Fruit Payasa.


  • Jack fruit pieces
  • Sooji / Semolina (half the quantity of jack fruit pieces)
  • Jaggery (as per taste)
  • Grated coconut (quarter quantity of jack fruit pieced)
  • Salt (very little to remove the suppleness)
  • Teak wood leaves for the added aroma to the jack fruit idlis. (optional)

Jack fruit pieces+recipes for indian food

Jack Fruit Idli Recipe:

  • To a blender, add jack fruit pieces, jiggery pieces and grated coconut. Also add little salt. Blend and make a fine paste.

Jack Fruit paste+indian recipes

  • In a wide pan heat sooji/semolina  until they turn a little golden brown.
  • Add the heated semolina to the jackfruit paste and mix well. The batter should be a thick paste.

Preparing Jack Fruit Idli Batter+jack fruit recipe

  • Clean the teak wood leaves and pour moulds of batter on it to take the form of idli.
  • Fold the leaves so as to close the mould.
  • Cook the moulds the way you cook the normal idli.

Jack fruit idli being cooked in teak wood leaf+fruit dishes

Jack fruit idli is ready. It is just so simple. It tastes great with the aroma of the teak wood leaves blended in it.

Serve hot jack fruit idlis with ghee, honey or pickle. You can also serve with coconut milk.

Jack fruit idli+indian food recipes

If at all the availability of teak wood leaves is a problem, then you can also use banana leaves. Or else, use the usual idli stand.

So, another happy recipe of jack fruit. This is the typical sweet dish of Mangalore region. Jack fruits are seasonal here, so is this recipe.

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