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Homemade butter and ghee

It is said that you should always retain at least half a spoon of curds at the end of the day. Never empty off today’s curd. At least do not wash off the bowl/vessel which held today’s curd.  It is because, today’s retained curd though a tiny quantity; will give you a vessel full of curds for the next day. :-). Have you experienced this!!! I have been experiencing from the time I have started my journey in my kitchen.

I would be amazed if you say that you buy that ready-made curd package. No. Please don’t. It is a child’s play to make curd at home. Even buttermilk, butter, ghee… all the daily use able dairy products are very easy to be done at home.

Home made butter and ghee+homemade butter recipe

Collect all the milk cream for about 2 or 3 days.

Once there is sufficient amount of cream collected, add more milk (about half a liter or so) and 1 or 2 spoon of curd (previous day’s curd).

Allow the whole setting over night. Next morning you will find all the milk has turned into thick curd and the cream has all moved upwards. (So, here, if you exclude adding the milk cream you are left with fresh Home Made Curd. :-))

How to make curd+how to make homemade butter

Now, take about 2 glass of water and boil. Add sizzling hot boiling water to the vessel containing curd and milk cream. Mix well.

Both the cream and curd will thin down. And the cream will begin forming a creamy layer on top of the thin curd.

You have to prepare the churner for the churning process. Pour hot water on to the churner. This will provide a means of sterilizing it and also when the butter is formed; it will no stick to the churner.

wooden churner+homemade buttermilk

Churn the thin cream and curd with the churner. I usually do the churning in a pot shaped steel vessel and a wooden churner. That way churning is more comfortable and is the tradition too. :-). Churn for about 15minutes or so.The cream will turn into butter. This way all the fat in the cream and the curd gets converted into butter.

How to make butter+churn butter

There, butter is done; Home Made Fresh Butter. :-)

Homemade Butter+home made butter

Separate out the butter and collect in a different vessel. Wash this butter in clean water until all the butter milk residue goes away. Add some water to the vessel before storing in the refrigerator. Butter will float in the water. That is how it is stored. When you add the next set of churned butter, wash again and add clean water for further storing.

Here by, you are left with butter milk. Butter milk is done; Home Made Fresh Butter Milk. :-)

I do churning the cream and curd on alternative days. And in about 2 weeks enough butter gets collected for making ghee.

When you have ghee making schedule in your time table for the day, make sure you remove out the stored butter from the refrigerator well in advance. It should be completely soft. Wash the butter again before you proceed to make ghee.

There is no rocket science involved in converting the butter into ghee. :-P.

How to make ghee+butter churn+ghee butter

Just put all the butter into a wide pan and put the pan on low flame. Keep stirring at intervals. Allow it to heat until everything converts into a golden brown liquid. That is the ghee. :-). Pour the ghee on a sieve and separate out the residue.

There ghee is done. Home Made Fresh Ghee. :-).

Home made Ghee+butter ghee

So, it is like a chain;
When you prepare curd with milk cream, you get butter milk and butter.
When you have butter, eventually you get ghee.

Home Made is a very soothing phrase for me. How about you? :-)

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