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Horse Gram Idli (Kudu Kadubu)

The traditional term for idli is “Kadubu”. Kudu is horse gram; Kadubu is idli. So, that makes some sense. :).

The month of Aati (usually July and August) observes a lot of recipes of hose gram. The coastal region of Tulunadu faces heavy rainfall during Aati and the typical rainy cuisine using horse gram here are

  • Kudu Saaru (Horse Gram Rasam),
  • Kudu Kadubu (Horse Gram Idli) and
  • Kudu Palya (Horse Gram dry side dish).

Horse gram Idli served with coconut milk+idly recipe

Today’s recipe is Kudu Kadubu.


  • Horse gram (1 cup)
  • Urad dal (half cup)
  • Rice rava. (3 cups)
  • Salt for taste.
Horse gram Idli Recip Ingredients+idli recipe idli rava

Recipe of Horse Gram Idli:

  • Previous night wash the rava/sooji/semolina. Drain the water and leave it wet over night.

Wet Rava for horse gram idli+idli recipes

  • Next day morning, soak the urad dal for about 2 hours.  Note that soaking of horse gram is not required.
  • When the urad dal is soaked for sufficient amount of time, to the grinder, add the soaked and drained urad dal and horse gram. Blend them well to form the idli batter. 

Preparing Horse gram Idli Batter+idli batter

  • Point to be noted: The quantity of rava is to double the quantity of horse gram and urad dal together.
  • In the process of making a fine paste of batter, the horse gram would bloat and become very spongy.
  • When the blending is done, add rava to it and mix well. Also add salt.

Horse gram Idli Batter+idli recipe with idli rava

  • Without much delay, the batter has to be poured to the idli stand and is to be cooked in steam.
  • If you allow a lot of delay in steam cooking the batter, then the sponginess of the batter would begin to shrink and the idli turns out to be hard after cooking.  So, don’t waste time in between once the batter is made ready. No allowing the batter for fermentation. The wet rava allowed overnight would have fermented enough.

Horse gram Idli Batter poured into idli stand+recipe for idli

  • Cook the batter in steam for about 20 minutes.

Horse gram Idli Batter cooked in steam+idlis recipe

Serve hot with the famous traditional side tastes. There are a few I am listing with which Horse Gram Idli can be served –

  • One spoon of coconut oil and a little pickle syrup.
  • One spoon of coconut oil and jaggery pieces.
  • Jaggery dissolved in Coconut milk extracts.
  • Coconut chutney.

Horse gram Idli served with coconut milk+idly recipe

So, what do you feel about this idli recipe using Horse gram.

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