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Jack Fruit Dosa, South Indian Dish

It makes me so happy to return again and again with one or the other jack fruit recipes. The taste of these fruit dishes are beyond explanation. Today is the recipe of jackfruit dosa (or pancake). 

jack fruit dosa+indian food

Dosa is one of the famous indian recipes. And if you consider Jackfruit dosa; then it is one of the typical-traditional-seasonal south indian recipes.


  • 1cup jackfruit pieces.
  •  4 cups dosa rice.
  • Half cup grated coconut
  • Jaggery (as per taste)
  • Salt as per taste.

Jackfruit dosa recipe:

  • Soak rice (preferably dosa rice) for about 2 hours in water.
  • Chop jackfruit into small pieces. Also chop jaggery in to small pieces.
  • Mix all the ingredients well (rice, jack fruit pieces, jaggery, salt, grated coconut).

jack fruit dosa ingredients+dosa recipes

  • Add some water and blend well in the mixer until it forms a fine paste. This makes the jackfruit dosa batter.

Jackfruit dosa batter+jack fruit recipes

  • The batter can be used immediately for preparing dosa. Heat the dosa pan and spread the batter in the circular shape.
  • Keep over low flame. It takes a little longer to cook than the usual dosa. Add 2-3 drops of homemade ghee on top of the dosa and turn upside down. Yes, both the sides need to be heated else the dosa will be raw.
jack fruit dosa recipe+indian cuisine recipes

Jackfruit dosa is ready. :) . This dosa can be served alone or with a little pickle.

I hope you have enjoyed :).

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