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Shopping at Kashmir Dal Lake

Surprised at the title? :)

Of course you should be!
Yes its true, Shopping at Dal Lake.


What do you think? The collection here is of Corals, Jades and gold beeds tied up together?
Haha  it’s not a gold jewellery, all that glitters are not gold :) , it is artificial Kashmiri collections.

My parents had been on tour along with their colleagues for Heaven city of India, Kashmir valleys.  On the way to their boat house, people come selling Kashmiri designs jewels, Kashmiri fabrics, Local Beauty Products, Pure Saffron and many more in their tiny boats in Dal Lake. So, it is the fun of selling and buying while riding in the boat.


These jewels made my mother remind me and she bought these unique Kashmir collections.  Its more than a year I own it, the colour and shine remains as if new to this day.

I usually do not fancy artificial jewellery, Gold  and diamonds are my favorites . But this one, I liked the most. 


I loved the combination of maron and dark green beads with golden rings and balls in between. Size of the beads goes on increasing as it moves downwards. A heavy maron ball at the end rests exactly at your neck. Also three beaded ear hanging, again the beads increases its size in the similar way.


I have a fair complexion and its looks lovely on Kashmiri fabricated salwar kameez or kurtis. 

I’m planning to make this design into corals and jade with gold beeds in between once this piece fades away. 


New way of shopping, why always malls and super bazars. My mother says shopping in Dal Lake tempts you to buy more and more in the midst of natures beauty. 

I have more Kashmiri fabrics shopped by my parents, will post them soon :)

Stay happy !

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