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Happy Pregnancy Happy Baby

Happy Pregnancy is the seed for your baby’s Happy Life. And a Happy Baby makes a Family Happy :)


My main intension for posting this article is to show how a mother’s emotions and habits directly affect the baby in the Womb. Having Happy Food and Happy Mind is the only way to have a healthy cheerful baby.  I have few list of things of my experience while I was carrying.

How should be your Routine during Pregnancy?

Avoid Lot of Usage of Mobiles:

Decrease mobile usage when Pregnant. The radiation from Mobiles are really harmful for the fetus within, they cause hyper activeness in the child and also a tendency for suicide when they grow up. 

Listening to Soft Music:

Harsh music like rock songs makes your baby a frustrated mind. Avoid loud sounds and irritating music.
Listening to your favorite soft music or devotional songs  and watching things which has no negative thoughts gives your baby a very good mind.

What Food Habits to be followed?

Now that you are eating for two of them, that does not mean you have to eat two burgers, two pizzas and many more street junks. 

 I mention these words in capslock because this is one of the main reason for the defects in child.

All nine months do not touch anything expect for home made cooks. Intake of lot of nutrient content like fresh leafy vegetables and fruits.  Ladies Finger is a very good tonic for your baby’s brain growth.
Have Sprouted green gram once in two days. 

Apples, Mangoes and Pomegranate are the best fruits to be taken. At your brunch time instead of having cookies and candies have these fresh fruits.

Eating Pomegranate daily gives your baby a fair complexion.

Soak dry fruits like Almonds and raisins overnight and have it to your empty stomach morning. This raises your hemoglobin level.

What Drinks to be Followed?

Again the Capslock indicates the defects causing agents. They directly attack both physical and mental development of your child.

2 litres of water is compulsory in an entire day without any comprise. More the water the baby can freely move within and also helps you out for easy delivery.
Apart from 2 litres of water have 3 glasses of cow’s milk and one tender water daily. You can skip tender water  if you are too cold prone. 

How to Avoid Vomiting and nausea during Pregnancy?
Following these food habits really do not cause vomiting. But sometimes if hereditary matters, drinking lemon juice or tender water daily stops vomiting.  Also eating Gooseberries helps you out. 

I do not wish to mention about “Alcohol” and “smoking” because I’m sure Happy ladies do not even smell it.

One thing to be kept in mind is , your calmness in mind matters a lot to your baby. Healthy food and drinks with a dull mind gives you a dull baby. 

This is all my experience during my Pregnancy. I had a Happy Pregnancy and really enjoyed the kicks and the tickles of my baby within. Also being the center of attraction in my family where you gain extra caring and serving from everyone.  Now I have a ever smiling son :). I have uploaded his photos for you all.

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