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Neem Tea for your Foot Fungus

Neem Tree , also known as “VILLAGE PHARMACY” for its excellent healing property is a major component in Ayurveda.

Neem leaves, Neem seeds and also its barks has anti-viral, anti- fungus, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer compounds. The beauty and health benefits of this wonder tree has been proven and documented ages ago by our ancestors.


Sanskrit name for Neem:
“Nimba” derived from “Nimbati syasthyamdadati” means “ giving good health”

Scientific name for Neem:
Azadirachta indica

This was my short description about its history. Now let’s start with the real topic of this post :)

Rainy everywhere , and your feet will be attacked by fungus within no time,  if you walk just one step with bare feet outside your doors.Walking bare feet out doors can be avoided, but how will you when you visit a temple?? My foot between toes immediately results in fungal  infections after my visit from temples. Too much irritating and awkard I feel with these.  Tried many creams and lotions , none gave me immediate results.  

My mother helped me out with a simple effective home made neem tea for my toes.

Read on the procedure of Neem tea :)


  • 1 cup water
  • 10 t0 12 neem leaves
  • Half spoon turmeric
  • Take a clean vessel and add water.
  • Add neem leaves and half spoon turmeric.


  • Boil with low flame till water decreases to half.


  • Close the vessel with a lid and let it cool down.


  • Now take a piece of cotton and rub to your infected area between toes.

The infection vanishes overnight. This tea can be stored in refrigeration. Do not drain out the leaves, so that the leaves spreads out all its compounds. Warm it when you use for the next time. 

You can even skip turmeric while boilng, also suppose you have no time to prepare this tea simply rub neem leaves to your toes until the juice oozes out. This too works fine for fungus attack.

It is my own experience where none other branded products worked as quick as this neem tea.

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