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Patanjali Maida Free Biscuits

Do you have anything without adultration these days? How safe are packed foods now?

Biscuits and chocolates are impossible to grab from your kids. Are you not worried to give them to your kids?

But there is something really safe in Patanjali products for your family. Patanjali is capturing the Indian market only because of its major advantage over “purity”. Patanjali Biscuits, claims to be maida and cholesterol free and also its been prepared for the betterment for children. 


Claims of Patanjali Biscuits:
0% Maida, Trans Fat, Cholestrol.
More Fibre
Easy to Digest
Made up of pure wheat.


Shelf life: 6 months

Price and quantity:
Patanjali Marie Biscuits – Rs 10 for 120g
Patanjali Aarogya Biscuits Rs 10 f0r 100g
Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits –Rs 10 f0r 100g   
Packing of Patanjali Biscuits:
Its packing is similar to other biscuits available in market. Light foil paper cover which is sealed in both sides. All its claims, shelf life , ingredients and about its production is written in its cover. Tearing open is quite easy by simply using your fingers, but that does not mean the packing is damageable soon. 


Taste of Patanjali Biscuits:
Most important about all these biscuits, they do not dry your throat to thirst. This must be because of the absence of Maida and oil.

Biscuits of other brands catches your hunger making your stomach filled up with just 3 to 4 biscuits. But these Patanjali biscuits causes no stomach upsets and you can have your dinner at your normal rate. 

Patanjali-Biscuits+Patanjali products+ Maida

The Namkeen biscuits are salty and too tongue twisty. Small circular shaped cookies with micro tipped holes at the surface. Light brownish in colour with leafy chunks at the layer. The biscuits are exact round and one complete biscuit can be eaten in one mouth :)

Aarogya Biscuits is more sweet with a taste of honey. These biscuits appears like petals of flower. These contain more of vegetables and grains including milk extracts and claims to be a multi grain meal supplement.

Patanjali  Marie biscuit tastes quite similar to good old Marie biscuit having wheatish flavour . The biscuits are complete circular like a bangle with a letters written in Hindi at the surface. 

One thing about these biscuits, they are more thin and delicate compared to biscuits of other brands. Chances  of its breakage is quite more.  However delicate they are, I loved these biscuits for my evening coffee.  Also I felt their claims to be true for a great extent.

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