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Home Remedies to get rid of Oily Skin

Sweaty oily skin is a great nuisance.  Any creams and lotions applied oozes out oil within no time, also oily skin makes your complexion darker than you really are. These oily skin encourages pimples and blackheads greatly. 

Let me share few easy home remedies for excess oil in skin pores :)

Sandalwood for Oily skin:
Mix paste of sandal wood  with rose water and apply even to face. Leave this face mask for 20mins to dry. Now wash your face with warm water and pat with a dry cloth. You can feel your skin breathing healthy. Repeating this regularly retains only required oil content  and nourishes your skin. 

Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth for Oily skin:
Make a paste of multani mitti and milk. Apply this to face and neck and let them dry for 10 to 15minutes. Now taken a cotton and dip it in milk. Rub this dipped cotton to entire face to remove the dried face mask. This gives a glowing skin removing all stickyness.

Apple for Oily Skin:
Smash two spoons of apple and mix equal amount of lemon juice.  Apply this juice once in two days to remove greese an dirt from your skin. 

Rose Water for Oily Skin:
Add 10 drops of Rose water to 4 spoons of ice water. Take a cotton or a tissue paper and rub your face and neck. Continue rubbing for about 15minutes by dipping inside this water. This helps out removing oil from skin pores. 

Vegetables for Oily skin:
Tomato juice mixed with equal amounts of cucumber juice removes greese from skin and gives affair complexion.
Also Lemon Juice mixed with ice cold water results the same.

Egg for Oily Skin:
The paste of white part of egg applied to face and neck, then washed with warm water gives a healthy glowing skin.

Pudina Leaves for Oily Skin:
Mix Pudina juice with Rose water. Washing your face with this mixture 2 to 3 times a day, removes oil acne , black heads and prevents Pimples.

Every Lady remains Happy only if they have a Happy skin. True right ? :)

Do this simple remedies for your oily skin and see the result yourself.

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