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Red Beaded Silver Anklets

So far I have shared only gold and diamonds with you all. Today I have one Silver ornament, silver anklets with red beads hanging in between.


The design caught my eyes the most,  dark red beads with silver connective rings between the two beads like a chain. Also red beads hanging in the midst of silver connectives.

The beads are not circular shaped, they are bulged out in the centre with pointed edges at the bulging. Looks almost like diamond shaped.


 I bought this for Rs 500 for my sister’s marriage 4 years from now in my native when I was an engineering Student. Now it might cost few hundreds more as the silver rate has increased.


There were many different colours of beads of same design pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, grey, black and one piece was multi coloured. But this red beads looked as a queen of all :). All colours of anklets costed the same.


It’s almost four years and the brightness and shine of beads remains the same but the silver is bit faded. I have to polish them for its new look.  

The Jewellery shop where I bought this is named “Hema Jewellers”. The shop looks very small, just two rooms within. You can never imagine it owns hordes of collections of silver. Ear rings, Toe rings, Anklets, Bracelets , Key bunches and many more.  They even have collections of oxidized silver.

Foreigners who come to visit Shri Krishna Temple, usually buy oxidized silver ornaments in lots.

This is how it looks on my feet.


You get Bracelets of the same design of my anklets. It was Rs 200 when I bought.

Anyone who is interested to buy these silver jewellery, please drop me a message . I will give you their contact number or I too can help you in shopping.  Also I can show you the samples design before you purchase the item.
Feel free to shop with me :).
Till then Stay Happy !.

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