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Beauty and Health Benefits of Cloves

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After turmeric, cloves stand to be the second Indian spice staying in Indian kitchen. Although nothing they add colour but a single clove stick dropped to your food changes the flavour and taste. The aromatic scent of cloves used for seasoning has hordes of skin and health benefits. They are rich in nutrients like calcium, manganese, phosphorous treating many diseases.

Beauty and Health Benefits of Cloves

Dental Care:

Cloves are the other term for your “dentists”. Cloves contain a compound called eugenol which creates an environment that is harmful against germs. Cloves are known make tooth numb reducing tooth aches, its antibacterial properties relieves dental cavities, sore gums and the mouth blisters. Also as the spice has strong odour gargling with a clove solution is a best mouth freshener where the germicidal properties kills the odour causing germs. These dental care properties makes clove to be the main ingredient in 90% of the toothpastes.

How to Use Cloves for Dental Care?

1)      You can chew a whole clove on the area of the tooth sore or also insert a pinch of clove powder. The spicy juice from the clove mixes with your spit provides relief from tooth ache.  Make a habit of chewing cloves before bed time regularly to reduce cavities and germs.
2)      Clean and rinse your mouth and flush all the food particles. Dip a hygiene cotton ball into clove oil and push beneath your gums in the area of pain. This is very effective for numbing the tooth pains.

Respiratory disorders:

Cloves are the best expectorant which helps to cough up phlegm. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce sore throat and calms down cough and cold.

How to use cloves for cough and cold?

Boil 3 to 4 cloves in one glass of water till it reduces to half. Add one tea spoon of honey to the solution. Allow it to cool down.
Sip the solution in small amounts and empty it till the end of the day. You will find relief from throat pain and cough in two dosages.
Note that sipping a spoon full early in the morning prevents falling sick and strengthens immunity.

Skin care:

The spice is filled with anti microbial and antioxidant properties which help in maintaining good skin.
The antibacterial properties of clove help in treating acne. It is one the immediate remedy for reducing heavy sized pimples and also its numbing property provides relief from irritation and itchiness.  Clove oil or the grounded cloves are one of the main ingredients in the natural science for treating skin disorders fungal attacks and ring worms.
Note that in whichever form you use cloves, they should mandatorily be diluted to avoid worsen the condition.

How to use Cloves for skin?

Dilute clove oil with other carrier oils (preferably coconut oil) and massage over acne prone skin leaving overnight. You will find your clear nourished skin sooner.
Grounded cloves can be used as face packs. Mix half spoon of powdered cloves with yogurt or honey, apply all over face and rinse out after drying. It treats pimples and fades away the blemishes and scars.

Hair Care:

Clove oil acts great in thickening of hair and reduction of hair fall. You can massage your scalp with diluted clove oil or add a small quantity of clove powder along with henna and water/yogurt to make a natural hair pack.

Side effects of cloves:

It is a known fact that anything taken over dose is always harmful, same as here. Clove being a super spice has to be taken extra caution.

While applying on skin, diluting cloves is compulsory. Do not continuously apply at a stretch; give a gap of after a week. Also applying two times a day in any forms of cloves is recommended.

For stomach, over dose/quantity may cause stomach and heart burns.

Consult your physician in case of kids, severe conditions and pregnant about its dosage and safety.  

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