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Horse Gram Rasam/Soup

Horse Gram Rasam is one of the best side items along with hot steaming rice. A crispy papad is also most welcome for the lunch.  What say. :)
I had mentioned about Kudu Saaru (Horse Gram Rasam) in the last post of Horse Gram Idli Recipe. 

Horse Gram Soup+curry recipes

Read about the Horse Gram Idli Recipe here.

This is again one of the traditional recipes for a good heavy afternoon lunch.


  • 3 cups horse gram
  • 6 to 7 cups of water (for boiling horse gram)
  • 2 spoon rasam powder.
  • Half cup grated coconut.
  • Tamarind piece (one lemon sized)
  • Salt as per taste.
  • 8 to 10 Curry leaves.
  • Garlic seasoning (optional)

Rasam Recipe:

Cook the horse gram with lot of water under pressure.
Separate out the water in to a different container. 

Horse Gram Soup Recipe Boiled Horse Gram+recipe curry

To this water add coriander leaves and keep aside.
In a mixer jar add just 1 cup of boiled horse gram

(Yes, only one cup. Not all 3 cups. The remaining 2 cups we will use it for doing palya. Palya recipe coming soon.)

Along with horse gram add freshly grated coconut, rasam powder, tamarind piece and blend well with some water. It has to form a smooth paste.

Horse Gram Soup Recipe Masala+horse gram benefits

Now, add this paste to the horse gram boiled water and heat well.

Add salt and continue heating on low flame until it arrives at the sizzling state.

Horse Gram Rasam  Soup Recipe+recipes for curry rice

You can optionally add garlic seasoning to this rasam for a change in taste. For seasoning, fry garlic ices in ghee and add it to the rasam.

Ufffff. The Aroma spreads on to the whole living area. Unbelievably  good. Too good.

Horse Gram Soup+curry recipes

Serve with hot rice.

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