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Chicco Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo Review

I used it to my baby as a body and hair wash before I bought Mysore Sandal baby Soap. Now I use this as a shampoo for him. 

Claims of Chicco Gentle Body wash and Shampoo Review

The new baby toiletries line baby moments is born! A complete range of products for everyday care of baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. Every day, from the first day.

Gentle Body Wash and Shampoo formula gently cleanses delicate baby’s skin, since the first baths. With soothing and softening oat properties. No-tears formula does not irritate the eyes and the absence of parabens, SLS and SLES guarantees extra-care for the delicate skins of newborns. The iso-lachrymal neutral pH (pH 7) is ideal for newborns, starting from the earliest bath. 

Parabens Free
SLS and SLES Free
Alcohol Free
Dyes Free
Clinically tested

Price and quantity: Rs 89 for 100ml

My experience with Chicco Gentle Body wash and Shampoo for my baby:

A transparent coloured plastic bottle with a white cap. The cap has to be pressed where it flips open for the flow. Also it can be screwed for a wider mouth. 

The liquid is transparent colour with medium consistency.  I dilute 3 to 4 drops of it in water and use it as a shampoo for my baby. Before using mysore sandal baby soap I used it as a body wash too. It lathers well and also can be easily rinsed away. The liquid is tested and proven to be Parabens free. 
Does not produce any damage to skin of babies and also produce no tears if enters into eyes.  My bottle is almost empty now may be around 5 to 6 washes left. It came around 2 months for both body and hair regular wash. 

Very mild unique scent.

Pros of Chicco Gentle Body wash and Shampoo:
  • Hygiene bottle with a handy cap.
  • No problem of liquid oozing out.
  • Easily available in market.
Cons of Chicco Gentle Body wash and Shampoo:
  • The scent could have been more better. 


Recommendation: Yes, this one is a good choice.
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