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Lord Krishna of Happiest Ladies

There is Krishna in Every House.

After witnessing lot of Baby Krishna, I could not resist dressing up Krishna of my home.
I enjoyed dressing him amidst all the puja preparations of Ashtami. 

Baby Krishna+Indian Festival

And I made sure he went on stage for the baby competition held here at Vidya Peetha. This competition was held on the next day of Ashthami, I did not want to miss dressing him up as Lord Krishna this time. So, with the minimum accessories and ornament available I dressed up Krishna of  my home.

Krishna Ashtami+Indian Festivals

A head ornament with a peacock feather makes a complete Krishna attire along with neck, hand, arm ornaments. And preferably a silk cloth dress gives a dignified look to the dress.

baby krishna+South Indian

Enjoy the pics. :)

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