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How To Dress Up Krishna Of Your Home

I have posted many cute naughty Krishna’s pictures and one of my home too. Now let me show you the way I dressed my Krishna.


I was worried to use any makeup products on him except for  Kajal , they might cause allergies and rashes on his delicate skin.

I tried to decorate my Krishna with my hand made jewels because again. I was scared to buy  jewels from market which might prick and might give wounds to him. So I tried my best to make them by my art. 

My handmade Crown (Step by step procedure):

Take a golden coloured cloth of height about 2inches and length about half a metre.
Take a golden and silver decorative ribbon with hangings.


Stitch one above the other by simple chain stitch.


Now attach a golden threaded rakhi at the right corner using simple stitches.
Exactly behind the Rakhi stitch a small peacock feather from behind.


The stitches at the centre of the Rakhi might be visible. So I glued one of my designer bindi upon the stitches.
Now the crown is ready. Since the base is a golden cloth, tie a knot at the backside of your Krishna’s forehead.


The crown has no prickly materials. You can feel free to crown it on your Krishna :).


I designed a round at the middle of his brows using Lakme Kajal and pulled a straight line with the same Kajal exactly above the round. 

Ear rings:

I have not pierced my baby’s ears. So again I glued one of my designer bendi on both ears.


One beaded and on hand made flower chains I hanged on him. Both I bought them from market.
I had hanged one more jasmine flower chain on him but he grabbed and cut them into pieces :)

Wrist and Upper arms:

I bought four rakhis one on each upper arm and one on each wrists. For wrists again I tied jasmine which he removed within a second.


I simply wrapped a golden paper round the flute and tore them open at the holes.



Silver hanging anklets like a Kada.

Dress ( South Indian Kacha and Shawl):

I wrapped a Red coloured silk Kacha round his waists in a south Indian Style. Also tied a golden coloured Shawl upon the Kacha round the waists and tied a golden ribbon on it.

You can even buy ready made/stitched Kacha and Shawls in silk garments. 

In my upcoming articles will post on how to wear South Indian Kacha. 

This is how I dressed my Krishna. Every millisecond gave me happiness to the core while I decorated him.
Waiting for the next Krishna Ashtami to dress him again :).


Till then stay Happy!

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