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Sweet and Spicy Poha (Beaten Rice) for snacks

Sweet and spice cookies. Sweet and spice candies, sweet and spice rasams, sweet and spice wafers  all these are familiar ones. But did you know sweet and spice poha can be prepared in just 10 minutes. 


The ingredients required are the ones which will be ready in your kitchen always. 

One bowl Poha (Beaten Rice)

3/4th of bowl grated coconut


Green chillies


Urad dal


Coconut oil or refined oil

Salt to taste

Recipe of Sweet and Spicy Poha for snacks:

Take a bowl full of poha (Beaten rice) and keep aside. Poha should be of medium thickness, you cannot prepare this using thick poha. 


Take a clean plate and add grated coconut, two spoons of sugar, green chillies, Asafoetida and salt to taste. Mix them all together using a spoon or by hands. 


Now add sesame seeds and urad dal to a kadai and add a spoon oil. Fry till sesame splitters. 


Now add the mixed ingredients to the bowl of Poha(Beaten Rice) and smash them all using hands. Smash them till all ingredients gets mixed up together.  Add the fried ingredients in the kadai.


Serve Sweet and Spicy Poha with a hot coffee.

You can have this as a light breakfast or as a evening snack. For kids you can increase the amount of sugar.
Try this yourself, it will not take more than 10minutes. Keep watching this space, I will be sharing Masala Poha sooner. 

Till then stay Happy!

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