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Auravedic Amla Tamarind Skin Polish Review

Auravedic is a brand with variety of herbal products, mostly skin care. This is a massage and scrub cream I got from them.

Auravedic Amla Tamarind SKin Polish Tub+scrubs

A wide open plastic tub is the package of this massage cream. The cap is a screw one. When the cap is opened, there is a thin flap that shuts the tub. I guess this flap is included so that the cream does not spill around. This flap makes the whole tub a travel friendly pack to some extent.

Auravedic Amla Tamarind SKin Polish Review+how to scrub

The massage cream is indeed a creamy product. It is very buttery and aids a very good skin massaging.
There are tiny scrub particles that aids in scrubbing the skin. In scoop of the massage cream there are no much scrub particles. It is a mild polisher.

It looks like a vanilla ice cream with some crispy almond bits. (I know this is heights of imagination :P.)  

Auravedic Amla Tamarind SKin Polish Review Swatch+scrub

How Auravedic Amla Tamarind Skin Polish works on my skin:
This skin polish is very smooth and makes a very good massage base cream along with the polishing job. The little scrub granules helps in mild polishing and smoothening of the skin. It is a good moisturizer too.

If you are looking for scrubbing heavy black heads on your skin, then this product will not suit you.
There is one bad thing that happened to me though. L. I had used this cream in the afternoon, but next day, I had a skin eruption. Nothing major, but it was big enough to be noticed. This product did not suit my skin. 

Auravedic Amla Tamarind SKin Polish Package+body scrub

Else this was a very nice product.

So, before going on a full scale use, do not forget to do a skin test with this product.

Rating: 3/5 (Just because it broke my skin. Else I would have rated 4 for its texture, massaging and scrubbing performance.)

Pros of Auravedic Amla Tamarind Skin Polish:

  • Creamy Texture.
  • A flap in the pack that will prevent cream from spiling.
  • A thick massage and scrub cream.
  • Polishes skin well.
  • Very little scrub particles in the cream.
Cons of Auravedic Amla Tamarind Skin Polish:

  • A wide mouth tub pack.
  • Scrub particles not suitable for heavy blackheads.
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin.

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