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Chakkuli and Laddu for Krishna Janmashtami

Ashthami is gone and forgotten now. But my posts are still slowly creeping out here. 

This is a post about the puja performed at my residence on the night of the ashtami day. The puja is held during night because the auspicious moment when Krishna was born falls at night.

puja on Krishna Janmashtami+cultural diversity

By afternoon ladies of the house get busy with all the preparations for laddu and chakkuli and it gets finished by late in the evening. These eatables are offered for the lord during puja.

ashtami preparation ingredients+festival
 All the ingredients that have been gathered and prepared for the making of Chakkuli and Laddu.

ashtami special preparation+recipes
                                                          Preparing Chakkuli and Laddu.

Along with these eatables, ginger and jaggery is also offered which indicates medicine for mother of Krishna.
The elder member of the house performs all the puja rituals. The main ritual is offering Bilwa Patre (Bel leaves) to Lord Krishna.

Silver idol of Krishna+prayer
Silver idols of Doggal Krishna and Kadagol Krishna

Bel Leaves offered during ashtami puja+Indian festival
 Bilwa Patra offered to Lord Krishna during the puja.

(For Doggal Krishna and Kadagol Krishna, see here.)

After the puja the only agenda is hogging chakkuli and unde. There are varieties of unde/laddu that is prepared. The most common ones are prepared from rice bran flour, green gram flour, til, ground nuts, cashew nut pieces, semolina.

Offerings for Lord on Krishna Janmashtami+festivals
 Chakkuli and Laddu for Krishna. :P. Psst...no eating till the puja gets over at night. Control.

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