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Patanjali Arogya Chakki Wheat Atta: Most Reasonable Atta


What are you thinking? This lady is fool to review every stick lying at the corner.  Haha do not mistake me. I simply review everything right from kitchen to mirror whichever products that helps all happy ladies.


Atta is a main grocery in Indian Kitchen for preparing rotis and chapatis. Wheat flour of all brands costs Rs 40 or 42 per kg.

But to everyone’s surprise Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali Arogya Chakki Wheat Atta costs just Rs 60 for 2kg, That means Rs 30 per Kg. About 12rupees of difference from other brands. 


Nothing more to write about preparing chapattis and Chakki wheat atta, it’s a known story to all. My intention to post this article is Patanjali is providing almost all products  ( beauty and groceries) to Indian market at the lowest price.  

Quality of Patanjali Arogya Chakki Wheat Atta

The wheat flour claims to contains only whole wheat, no mixture of maida.
I too felt it as true because the chapattis and phulkas prepared from it came out to be softest of all other Wheat flours which I had been using. 


Even the chapattis had a fresh smell. I have been using it from almost two months, I did not find any stones or sticks in the flour. The product appears to be clean till now. 

My way of Preparing Chapattis:

Boil water to heat for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Take a clean vessel and add Patanjali Arogya Chakki Wheat Atta. Add salt to taste and mix them well.

Now add hot water as much as required to form a dough.  The chapattis and phulkas comes out to be softer if the dough is prepared with hot water. 

Make small sized balls and roll over it forming a round shape.

Heat the pan and place the rolled dough over the hot pan.

Turn it upside so that it bakes  evenly. Once it is baked place it over the fire at high flame. The chapattis will blow to maximum.

 Serve them hot with Bhaji. 

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